"The Tax Guys You Can Count On"

St. Charles, IL


Trusted Tax Planning and IRS Debt Resolution in St. Charles, IL

Lewis & Associates is a Saint Charles, Illinois tax consulting firm offering:

  1. IRS debt resolution
  2.  tax planning and preparation
  3. audit representation
  4. tax court petition filings

Our consultants are Enrolled Agents Admitted to Practice Before the IRS, Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys. We provide tax preparation, planning and tax solutions to complicated IRS problems that confront individuals and business owners who operate sole proprietorships, corporations and partnerships.   Our staff has more than 20 years of combined average work experience. We focus on helping:

  • individuals and businesses setup plans to cure back taxes owed to the IRS
  • business owners seeking tax reduction plans
  • delinquent tax filers who need prior year  tax return preparation
  • taxpayers filing a petition in tax court

What separates us from other tax advisory firms? Two things: Trust and partnership.

Trust is something that we’ve earned over the years by our commitment to producing results. Producing results, of course requires hard work. But it also starts with an honest assessment of what we can and cannot do. Our free consultations help us determine which tax plan or IRS debt resolution program is suitable for you. On average we have reduced business owners’ taxes by at least 15%.

Partnering with clients is essential to finding the right tax solution. We work closely with owners to help develop tax plans tailored to their businesses. And our IRS debt resolution clients rely on us to provide speedy release of garnishments and levies. We strive to understand your business, your tax issues and your goals.

Ready to go to court?  We always advise tax court as a last resort.  Approximately 80% of tax cases are settled before reaching tax court. Let our experienced tax professionals negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

We’re proud to be trusted tax professionals and continue to work hard for our many satisfied clients. You won’t find a St Charles, IL, tax preparation service more dedicated to promptly and professionally handling your tax needs than Lewis & Associates Tax Planning, Inc. Call today for an appointment to review your tax preparation needs.