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St. Charles, IL


Tax Preparation Service in St Charles, IL

Tax Planning and Preparation

Reducing your income tax liability requires a solid plan. We help our business clients and individuals reduce their tax liabilities through proactive income tax reduction strategies. The strategies start with a free review of your current and past tax filings. The deliverable is a customized plan which may be implemented by our staff or your own tax preparer.

Effective Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Liability

Effective income tax planning requires experience, knowledge, research and vigilance. Our tax strategies are based on opportunities which are written in the tax code. We do not rely on “gaming” the system. We research ways to lower your taxes by monitoring tax law changes which fit your business. This results in creating effective long-term tax plans. When you partner with Lewis & Associates Tax Planning, Inc., we’ll work closely with you to identify tax strategies which:

  • Take advantage of all available tax deductions
  • Defer income when possible to reduce your effective tax rate
  • Reorganize your business structure to achieve graduated rate relief
  • Choose the right accounting methods for your business
  • Explore the tax savings benefits of captive insurance

Accurate Income Tax Return Preparation

We take the role we play in helping with your taxes seriously, and our staff is dedicated to your satisfaction. We’re pleased that our clients return to us year after year to prepare and file their income taxes. Our close monitoring of all changes in the tax laws and regulations, combined with our attention to detail, allows us to provide advice and guidance that’ll help to minimize your legal tax burden. We will:

  • Review your past tax returns
  • Discuss your current and anticipated income from a tax perspective
  • Work with you to find all allowed deductions and credits to which you're entitled

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